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Jonah Hex

By mythicagirlTuesday - June 15th, 2010Categories: Blog

I really hope this film does the comic proud!

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A World of Hurt

By mythicagirlWednesday - June 9th, 2010Categories: Blog

Using the skills over at, here’s a test promo video for that Glyph award winning comic
World of Hurt:

Create your own video slideshow at

Just created a flip page for this great webcomic!

Continue reading "A World of Hurt" »

Dragonwyck Test Promo Video

By mythicagirlTuesday - June 8th, 2010Categories: Blog

Found another cool FREE prgram (music included) I just downloaded 12 jpegs and the site did the rest ( I did pick out the music from their listings) the site is

Create your own video slideshow at

Continue reading "Dragonwyck Test Promo Video" »

ISSUU flip page of this webcomic!

By mythicagirlFriday - June 4th, 2010Categories: Blog

Continue reading "ISSUU flip page of this webcomic!" »

More Changes

By mythicagirlThursday - June 3rd, 2010Categories: Blog

Okay, so I’ve moved the Valkyrie to a separate page while

I work on fixing the plotline of her webcomic. So here’s the poster

for my latest heroine:

Of course the cast will be diverse. Here’s a few of the other


Richard White Eagle, inventor

Morgana Wesley Gordon  (A Gorgon)

Abednego, Meshach (aka Clay) and Shadrach Swain

These brothers are my Werewolf Posse

Two of the main characters:

Preacher Man

Rhiannon Dragonwyck aka Indigo (Dragon)

Continue reading "More Changes" »

Dragonwyck, a steampunk paranormal western

By mythicagirlSaturday - May 22nd, 2010Categories: Blog

Okay, while I’m fixing my Valkyrie and Wizard story, I’m putting up another character I’ve been working on. I think I’ll house this one here, but on another page so you’ll get two webcomics on one site. Only this one will have more of a graphic novel feel to it. This one’s not a contemporary but a western.

I really hope Jonah Hex is a good movie, since I love westerns and really hope it can jump start the genre again.

If you like YA paranormal, check out

And there’s also my other webcomic

featuring bad to the bone werewolf Andre Santana.

If not, I hope in the coming weeks you’ll check out this new comic. Like all my other webcomics, this one will be 24/7 multicultural, but I get to add some historical references. History is also something I love. If you like the character, please let me know!

Continue reading "Dragonwyck, a steampunk paranormal western" »


By mythicagirlTuesday - May 11th, 2010Categories: Blog

I think I need another re-boot.

Since I’m now learning Adobe Illustrator in addition

to Photoshop, I may have to switch up this storyline.

I haven’t colored in the fight scenes between Andre and Lala,

but here’s a rough sketch:

Continue reading "Meh…." »

New Pages Coming!

By mythicagirlTuesday - May 4th, 2010Categories: Blog

Okay, I know I’ve been neglecting this webcomic, but definitely new pages are being worked on and should be up this weekend!

Anyway, found this posted on The Beat:

I know I’ll be taking my nieces and nephews to see it!

Continue reading "New Pages Coming!" »

My American Werewolf

By mythicagirlWednesday - April 14th, 2010Categories: Blog

I got the idea for a spin off after seeing “American Vampire”

I think I need to show the brotha’s some love. So

stay tuned for Andre Santana’s own webcomic.

Updates coming this weekend on both

Razher and COASS.

Continue reading "My American Werewolf" »

Introducing Andre Santana

By mythicagirlMonday - February 15th, 2010Categories: Blog

Andre’s a very special werewolf (notice that his ancient one is blue). More about that later. Andre is featured in both webcomics, and I’ve got a running John Mayer gag going on. Seems the vampire Machiavelli Faust has planted his phone on Andre, and rang him up at the worst time possible. That’s a spoiler, but it explains why Andre is still dressed in the same green hoodie and blue jeans. You can see Andre again at the Young Adult comic RAZHER

Continue reading "Introducing Andre Santana" »

The Epic Racefail of The Last Airbender

By mythicagirlThursday - February 11th, 2010Categories: Blog


Please take a moment to read Ellen Oh’s blog:

Here’s a brief excerpt: The movie has been completely whitewashed so that the rich culture of Asia that made the television series so wonderful is now represented by white actors. I can’t help but wonder what this really means. I’m sad for my children who were shocked to hear that Asian faces weren’t good enough to portray an Asian character. I’m sad for this culture that devalues the contributions of their Asian citizens. They believed that to make Airbender more relatable to the white majority, they needed to put white faces in Asian roles. At least the original casting of Prince Zuko with Jessie McCartney was replaced by Dev Patel. But notice the one main Asian actor happens to be the role of the antagonist.

People, this insanity has to stop. If you’re an author or artist, don’t be so quick to sign your rights away, I beg you. More often than not, there will be no diversity in the casting unless and until we speak out, we meaning the creators of projects. If anyone tells you Hollywood casts white because that’s all audiences want to see, call them on it (maybe its all THEY want to see).  This is both a tragedy and a travesty….

Continue reading "The Epic Racefail of The Last Airbender" »

In Honor of Black History Month and Valentine’s Day…

By mythicagirlMonday - February 8th, 2010Categories: Blog

…and since most women of color (specifically African American) and other minorities continue to be ignored when it somes to Hollywood and even by many writers of paranormal romance, contemporary romance and scifi, I thought I’d use this webcomic to do the opposite :)

Continue reading "In Honor of Black History Month and Valentine’s Day…" »

The Valkyrie…Lalimah “Lala” Shabazz

By mythicagirlSaturday - January 30th, 2010Categories: Blog



So, if you’ve read the first few pages you’ve met Lalimah “Lala” Shabazz. This webcomic features Lala and Thomas, the wizard. Andre Santana will hop from my other comic RAZHER to this one from time to time, and I’ll also post excerpts from the novel.

Continue reading "The Valkyrie…Lalimah “Lala” Shabazz" »

Well, I’ve made a mess of things

By mythicagirlWednesday - January 27th, 2010Categories: Blog

If I can ever figure out what I did wrong in Comic Press I’ll be able

to download the pages correctly. For now please take a look at

Lala wielding her “Sword of Sheol”  which will give a paranormal

villain the second death, where’s there’s no returning.


Continue reading "Well, I’ve made a mess of things" »

First Page is UP!

By mythicagirlTuesday - January 26th, 2010Categories: Blog

Okay, I’m still trying to figure out how to fix the problem I’m having with comicpress on this site, so I went with WPComic in the meantime.

I don’t have the page buttons I need yet, so I’ll be working on this tonight.


Continue reading "First Page is UP!" »

Sneak Peek

By mythicagirlMonday - January 25th, 2010Categories: Blog

Just a peek of the exciting (and sexy) storyline I’ll be uploading tonight!

Lala Shabaz will take on a Gorgon, an epic battle that will cause ripples throughout the paranormal realm and the mortal world!

Thomas Ioki is there as backup, but Lala is kick azZ!

Continue reading "Sneak Peek" »

The Reboot or Relaunching is this week!

By mythicagirlMonday - January 18th, 2010Categories: Blog

My YA site RAZHER is already up and running. Now its time for this one to launch this week. First thing I have to do is change it over to Comicpress, because that’s the best way to upload and keep an organized track of the comic pages. This way instead of scrolling down the page, you can click each page to see the action or you can click the buttons to go from previous to next and even jump to the beginning or the end. However, since Confessions of a Shapeshifter is a paranormal romance web comic, or urban fantasy with romance, take your pick, expect this to be darker, grittier and a bit more explicit in the romance department :)

Continue reading "The Reboot or Relaunching is this week!" »

TWO SITES…one goal in mind.

By mythicagirlTuesday - December 15th, 2009Categories: Blog

What have I been up to? Well, I bought my domain names RAZHER and CONFESSIONS OF A SHAPESHIFTER. And I’m hosting them on wordpress. So what’s next? Well, I’ve got to finish coloring my pages and then post them to get the ball rolling.

I’ve got two sites with one goal in mind. To increase diversity in paranormal romance, whether it be in YA or Adult.

Oh, and to tide you over, here’s a couple of side stills of HAVOC, the Chinese Gargoyle (while he’s YA, he’s not under 18):

Havoc side still

Havoc side still

Havoc side still2

Havoc side still2

Havoc Icon

Havoc Icon

Continue reading "TWO SITES…one goal in mind." »

A closer look at the WIZ

By mythicagirlThursday - December 10th, 2009Categories: Blog

The Wizard in Limbo compressed pic

The Wizard, Thomas “Tommy” Ioki, from the blog

The Confessors compressed pic

                                                  The Confessors

Continue reading "A closer look at the WIZ" »


By mythicagirlThursday - December 10th, 2009Categories: Blog

This will be the home for the graphic novel of the same name,

Confessions of a Shapeshifter. Stay tuned!

Continue reading "BRAND NEW SITE!!!" »

Brand New World

By confessionsofashapeshifterThursday - October 29th, 2009Categories: Blog
The Shapeshifters

The Confessors


I’m late with this, and I haven’t done as much as I’d like but I thought I’d still post what I’m working on. What will probably happen is that you guys will see things as they come about while I’m working on world building, because I took this on without having a storyboard. But sometimes things just fall into place. So without further ado, you see my boys (minus color, because I didn’t get to it like I’d planned. Tonight I will though and I’m working on their names…see I told you this was spur of the moment :)

I’ll have to work on a blurb,  since these boys have much sin to confess. Also, just to spice it up, I won’t tell you which one ain’t really what they seem (they could really be a woman posing as a guy). One of them is a true shifter, with no allegiance to any one species or sex. I’m calling them the GW’s for short (Gorgon, Werewolf and Wizard)

This will be adult, but not R rated. And there will be lots of race mingling and spit swapping and couples doing what couples do, as that was the goal once I read the comments on Dear Author. These guys are my trio for now, but as with any graphic novel, they’re the ones, but they aren’t the only ones.

Bodyshots to tide you over.

Shift 1



The first pages will be up late tomorrow night/Saturday morning. So I’m late and I’ve only got one up, but I’m seeing how the story is progressing and changing some things. As soon as I feel the pages are HOT, I’ll post them. My goal is to have at least five up by Monday. Thanks for being so patient.

Continue reading "Brand New World" »

The Cast

By confessionsofashapeshifterWednesday - October 28th, 2009Categories: Blog

So far I’ve got a werewolf who looks like Tyrese, (occupation - cop) A Japanese gorgon (I’ve since made him into a Wizard) that looks like Takeshi Kaneshiro and a few more I’m working on. Any ideas or mythological hotties you’d like to see of from different ethnicities, I’m game.

I’ll work on a poster of the hot men of this Underworld folklore tonight and put it tomorrow after I color it in photoshop.

Hmm. how much skin to show? ….

Continue reading "The Cast" »

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